A true Software-Defined Data Center available with true cloud agility and scale. Seamlessly migrate and extend your on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can run, monitor, and manage containers and virtual machines on the same platform with the same tools. This offers flexibility and simplifies your infrastructure operations. You can start your modernization journey with minimal disruption. You can quickly migrate your applications to the cloud without downtime.

Once in In the cloud, you can start transforming these applications by using modern frameworks such as Kubernetes, enriching them with native cloud services and automating the underlying infrastructure processes with DevOps tools.

VMware Cloud on AWS bridges the gap between on-premises and the cloud and offers an integrated hybrid cloud that extends on-premises vSphere environments to a VMware SDDC that runs on a resilient bare metal infrastructure from AWS. This enables you to migrate applications or even your entire data centers quickly and securely to AWS - the world's largest public cloud.

Migrate without changing anything

By providing consistent infrastructure and operations, VMware Cloud on AWS enables you to easily migrate applications using familiar VMware technologies. VMware Cloud on AWS provides a single inventory view of on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS resources using VMware vCenter Server technology. Organizations can also reduce operational overhead by leveraging existing skills, tools, processes, and familiar VMware technologies to move their applications to the public cloud.

You no longer have to worry about applications with significant adjustments or complex dependencies on existing infrastructures, or the costs associated with refactoring or the costs and effort to rewrite applications.

Using VMware Cloud on AWS is made even easier by the wide range of third-party technology solution providers that have been validated to work with the service.

Enterprise-grade capabilities

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can leverage predictable, high-performance computing, storage, and networking capabilities provided by vSphere. vSAN and NSX - run on an elastic bare metal infrastructure from Amazon EC2.

In addition to a number of functions that ensure the availability of applications, prevent lateral spread of threats and secure data, the service enables the automatic scaling and load balancing of environments with elastic DRS.

Integrated functions guarantee availability throughout the application for VMware HCX, vSphere High Availability, vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, automatic host rehabilitation and stretched clusters for the availability of the RPO infrastructure.

Flexible consumption

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can align costs with your business requirements and flexible consumption options and investment protection. You can consume resources hourly if necessary, or use models reserved for one year and three years for lower discounts.

VMware Cloud on AWS also includes fast deployment that allows users to boot up entire VMware SDDC environments in two hours and add or remove hosts in minutes, or have Elastic DRS automatically do the job based on optimal utilization.

comdivision was the first partner in the DACH region (and second internationally) to achieve the VMware Master Services Competency for VMware Cloud on AWS. comdivision has been mentioned even by VMware's CEO Pat Gelsinger as one of the key advisors for VMware customers. comdivision also is a certified Amazon partner and as such can bridge all requirements from both vendors.