POC, Demo & Lab Hosting

At comdivision, we operate our own Proof of Concept (POC), demo and lab hosting environment/data center. In our headquarter based demo and lab hosting center we are capable to provide environments for the most complex IT scenarios. Try out an environment for hundreds of users or thousands of VMs with the click of a button. Because our customers are training centers, academies, solution providers, system integrators and vendors, comdivision is constantly challenged to operate the most up-to-date demo, POC and lab hosting environment.It all started because existing standard offerings of our competitors did no longer match todays requirements for availability, especially for conference boot camps we accepted the challenge to meet high demands and availability requirements and started to invest in our own infrastructure for hosting.

In our datacenter that we operate at our headquarters, we run a highly dynamic and flexible environment, built with only top of the line components from different vendors. This allows us to create nearly any demo or lab requirement, from small VM environments to large scale Proof of Concept test scenarios with several thousand VMs. During normal / average operations, the comdivision demo center rebuilds between 1,000 and 2,000 VMs every weekend. This can easily be scaled for bootcamps at larger industry events – such as the VMware VMworld or partner conferences which we supported several years.

Our demo and lab center is also used by several industry vendors to test new technologies (due to the nature of these tests and the NDA criteria we can not share more details). Due to our very specific load scenarios, the infrastructure allows us to simulate workload and stress scenarios, which normally take months to reproduce, our customers can do in minutes .

However due to the nature of this environment, we do NOT provide any direct cloud service hosting, if you need any feel free to talk to us we are happy to guide you to one of our partners or customers.

Services are provided only for Vendor Authorized Training Centers (like for VMware Authorized Training Centers, Veeam Authorized Training Centers) or directly for vendors, solution providers or system integrator use cases.


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