Cloud Director allows Cloud Providers to create virtual datacenters from common or distributed infrastructure to host and serve multiple customers.

VMware Cloud Director helps cloud providers derive maximum efficiency from their cloud infrastructure and enables the creation and provisioning of differentiated and value added cloud services. VMware CloudDirector is available globally through the VMware Cloud Provider Program.

Global Hybrid Cloud Management

VMware Cloud Director helps cloud providers manage and gain deep visibility into datacenters across sites and geographies, and monitor cloud resources across sites from a single pane of glass. VMware CloudDirector is proven to scale seamlessly across thousands of sites. Multi-site is a core requirement for hybrid customers and is supported by Cloud Director and CloudDirector service bi-directionally.

Policy-driven Approach to Cloud Management

VMware Cloud Director ensures enterprises have secure, isolated virtual resources, independent role-based authentication at the levels of cloud providers and their customers, and fine-grained access control across datacenters, sites, virtual machines, and applications. Moreover, intelligent workload-placement allows cloud providers to drive higher efficiency from their cloud infrastructure licensing and utilization while delivering outstanding performance and exceeding SLAs.

Cloud Migration and Availability

VMware Cloud Director helps enable simple, secure VM migration and data center extension with VMware Cloud Availability. This allows for secure hybridity, simple connectivity and cold or warm migrations. The integration with VMware Cloud Availability makes it easy for cloud providers to run data protection offerings compatible with enterprise environments.

Networking and Security

VMware Cloud Director supports NSX-T with distributed firewalling, cross VDC networking, overlapping IP support for tenants using VRF-lite, IPv4 and v6 coverage and layer 2 VPN services natively. NSX advanced load balancer brings application intelligence to load balancing services for customers and combined with self-service from VMware Cloud Director, fully covers the services that used to be provided by NSX-V

Operational Visibility and Insights

Leveraging integration with VMware vRealize Operations’ Tenant App for VMware CloudDirector, cloud providers can use multi-layer analytics and predictive remediation to better serve their enterprise customers. Theintegration also provides visibility into virtual machine costs and accountability to understand granular costs of virtual infrastructurerequired to support business services.

Service Offerings

We have created a number of standard service packages for you. If you require anything outside of the scope outlined in our datasheets, be sure to give us a call and we will be happy to create a customized offering for you.