Healthcare payment reimbursement provider undertakes a VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery journey

If you don't want to worry in a disaster ...

This American healthcare customer has a long-standing history of delivering services. During their over four decades history, the knowledge of reimbursement solutions and market requirements has made them the top choice for leading players, providers, and consumers across the United States.

“Our growth and compliance regulations on top steered us to a secure and robust virtualization platform,” said the CTO, “a large part of our IT infrastructure has already been virtualized using VMware vSphere for years now.”

Why did the customer come to talk to the experts at comdivision? They wanted to evaluate their options because of two main concerns. First, one of their datacenters needed an expansion and upgrade cycle. Secondly, they wanted to know their options regarding the always imminent threat of ransomware these days.

the challenge

During the PoC downtime should be kept at a minimum, since the datacenter is running customer facing services of significant importance.

comdivision architects discussed the different options with the customer’s IT team:

·     Different backup and DR strategies

·     Backup and DR data locations

·     Use Cloud options

During the customer sessions the comdivision team discussed pros and cons of all options:

·     CON – On-premises, because of procurement, scaling, maintenance, delivery times

·     CON – The existing data centers were almost at capacity

·     PRO – OpEx over CapEx

·     PRO – Cloud options are very flexible and scalable

·     PRO – Cloud options are immediately available

the solution

Under the lead of chief architects Reinhard Partmann and Harold Preyers, the comdivision team suggested to use VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and VMware Cloud on AWS services.

The OpEx approach toIT expenditure gives modern businesses the agility and flexibility they need. Thus,to stay relevant in ever-changing markets and meet their client’s needs.

“We have done a couple of VMware Cloud on AWS projects recently and provide consultation and architectural services in regard toVMware Cloud on AWS environments for our customers,” said Partmann. “Amongst the eight Master Competencies we have, we are proud of being first to have achieved the VMware Master Competency for this solution offering in the DACH region,” Partmann continued. “VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and VMware Cloud on AWS is a good fit for this project”.

VMware Cloud on AWS is using the same vSphere-based SDDC stack that the customer is using within their on-premises datacenter. Furthermore, the infrastructure admins could use the familiar vSphere user interface and didn’t need retraining.VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is responsible for synching all components from the on-premises environment to VMware Cloud on AWS using a proxy. Using VMware HCX, network paths are created between the on-premises environment and VMware Cloud on AWS to enable accessibility after a VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery failover.Using VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, the bring up of all migrated VMs could be brought live in an orchestrated way and the focus of VMware Cloud DisasterRecovery is working as designed.

the results

The migrations to the cloud and back went flawlessly. "VMware Cloud DisasterRecovery in the combination with VMware Cloud on AWS is your standby datacenter ready to go when you need it." said the CTO.



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