A hybrid cloud is the combination of private and public cloud platforms that can work together locally and externally to provide a flexible mix of cloud computing services. The challenges of managing this more complex IT environment include poor visibility, slow troubleshooting, and wasted resources. With more diverse tasks for IT teams, the likelihood of errors increases. This workshop highlights your options for monitoring, optimizing, securing and proactive troubleshooting in VMware Cloud Foundation and (connected) VMware Cloud on AWS environments.

Products aligned with this offering

  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • VMware vRealize Operations
  • VMware vRealize Network Insight

High level project timeline

  • 3-5 days

High level services provided

  • Test installation of vRealizeOperations Manager and vRealize Network Insight
  • Analysis workshop on resource use(at least two weeks later)
  • Analysis workshop network

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