cd:managed building blocks

cd:managed offers all the knowledge and expertise of the comdivision team for your IT, whether it's device management, infrastructure like network or compute or complex application management.

When we thought about managed services, we listened to our customers and learned that the biggest challenge was often the lack of flexibility, the all-or-nothing approach. cd:managed will take a different approach: we will offer building blocks which allow you to pick and choose how much you need / want the comdivision team to help. How does this work?

How does this work?

Let's take a relatively simple example like our SD-WAN offering. You may choose the service level from primarily three different areas:

Infrastructure & Hardware:

  1. Purchased or leased by the customer:
    This way you can pick and choose which device you need. You own it and if at any point in time you decide to switch from cd:managed to a different operation model or even a different solution provider you don't have to do change devices/infrastructure. Device management like firmware etc. could still be operated by comdivision
  2. Reuse existing infrastructure/hardware:
    Often used in cd:managed infrastructure projects where comdivision takes over management of an existing infrastructure.
  3. Rented or as a service by comdivision:
    We offer this not for all product lines / sizings, but it allows you to rent over a certain period or consume devices / infrastructure as a service by comdivision. No capital investment from your side is required. Providing full "as a service" capabilities.

Implementation & Design:

Every project requires some implementation/design. In some managed service offerings this can be prepaid or included. In any way it is a design done by cd:architects who have proven their skillset in numerous global projects and are certified up to VCDX level.

  1. Prepaid:
    With the prepaid offer we design the service to your needs, but you also "own" the design. So if at any point in time you decide to switch from cd:managed back to customer:managed or another managed service provider there is no fee or redesign necessary.
  2. Included in the service:
    Offered on 36+ month contracts include the option to have the design/implementation but also continuous evolvements of the design integrated into your cd:managed offering. This reduces or eliminates any upfront project costs and allows to operate under a complete opex model.
  3. Existing design:
    If you already have an existing design or implementation we can review the documentation as well as your infrastructure to provide a price tag matching your environments needs.

Operation & Maintenance (SLA):

Not only does every service need some basic maintenance, it also requires constant monitoring.

  1. Maintenance only + cd:knowledge:
    cd:managed will focus on the basic system maintenance like required/ critical updates, ensuring to keep the lights on and provide basic monitoring services. If you need any additional service this can be consumed by the hour with cd:knowledge
  2. Maintain and improve:
    Added to the maintenance is a quarterly or monthly service review with one of our architects to ensure you leverage the service to your needs. This will also be used to uncover potential for expansion or conversion into other service levels.
  3. Mission critical:
    Is our first class/white glove service where you get individual management by two dedicated account resources (to even add redundancy at this level) combined with first class maintenance and support operation by comdivision.


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