Optimizing with vROPS for this Manufacturing Company

Empowering 24/7 Operations: A Unified View Across Infrastructure

An internationally operating company with about 5,000 employees, present in over 60 countries and operating 10 production facilities in 4 countries, considers itself a market leader in high-tech machinery for furniture production. The CIO emphasizes, “Our infrastructure needs constant attention because there's continuous global operation. Due to a lack of IT personnel at many of our locations, we employ local service providers for infrastructure. However, we are dissatisfied with the service quality and are seeking alternatives.”

Fabian Lenz, Chief Architect of comdivision, recommended VMware Cloud on AWS as a future-proof solution. He also recognized that they first need to understand how their current infrastructure is configured and works before they start migrating.

the challenge

“The separation from our current service partners was imminent, and we didn't want to compromise the service. So, we couldn't ask them for support,” the CIO elaborated. “First and second-level support was handled externally, while the third-level support was managed internally in Germany. A core issue was the high turnover rate among our partners. This meant our specialists often had to work overtime to ensure production.”Lenz argued that they need a system to conduct performance and risk analyses of the current setup: “To effectively plan the migration, we should consider the performance, capacity, and dependencies of all systems in advance.”

the solution

“With VMware vRealize Operations Cloud, we gain a unified overview of our entire infrastructure – from data centers to production sites,” Lenz said. “The best part is that after transitioning to a multi-cloud infrastructure, even if parts of the infrastructure remain local, the management tools can be retained.”

the result

With vRealize Operations, the company achieved automated performance and capacity optimization along with predictive analyses. “We use these data to show our service providers that they are not meeting the Service Level Agreements,” the CIO mentioned.

the outlook

“Next, we plan to implement VMware Cloud on AWS and aim for ISO 27001 certification for our infrastructure,” Lenz concluded. “The transparency provided by the vRealize Operations Manager greatly simplifies this process.”



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