Extend proven models of virtualization and management to any environment, to support any application.

VMware Cloud Foundation gives every customer the ability to extend proven models of virtualization and management to any environment, to support any application

The platform has been widely adopted by enterprises looking for the most modern, most powerful environment on premises. It also has been widely embraced by cloud providers- forming the core of VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solutions, Google Cloud VMware Solution, IBM Cloud for VMware, and more than 60 VMware Cloud Verified providers operating globally.

VMware Cloud Foundation is the hybrid cloud platform for managing VMs and orchestrating containers based on HCI technology (Full Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure). VMware Cloud Foundation is a single architecture, that gives you a consistent, secure infrastructure and operations across private and public cloud. Increase your company's flexibility and agility with the hybrid cloud that delivers it all.

Cloud Foundation offers software-defined storage and network that helps to simplify operations, while also offering powerful new capabilities to storage and network teams to secure and accelerate infrastructure and workloads across hybrid clouds. This unlocks greater agility and productivity by eliminating the operational bottlenecks of legacy infrastructure. Cloud Foundation accomplishes this by delivering:

Integrated stack

Engineered integration into a single solution of the entire softwaredefined stack with guaranteed interoperability. No more dealing with complex interoperability matrixes.

Standardized infrastructure

Cloud Foundation automatically deploys standardized infrastructure that reduces up-front architecture efforts, is simple to consume, and requires less effort to support.

Infrastructure deployment automation

Cloud Foundation automates the deployment of the full stack of compute, storage, network, and management capabilities into Workload Domains. This level of automation enables quick, repeatable deployments while eliminating the operational cost of engineering the environment with in-house skillsets, and reducing the inherent risk of manual misconfigurations.

Automated lifecycle management

Cloud Foundation includes unique lifecycle management services that automate day 0 to day 2 operations of administering the cloud environment, from establishment in a standardized architecture, to configuration and provisioning of infrastructure resources in a modular, cloud-like operational manner, to patching/upgrading of the software stack

comdivision experts are the go-to technical recourses when customers need to implement NSX or vSAN into on-premises architectures. Trusted advisors in both the VMware vExpert community and VMware's on business units, comdivision experts are happy to share their knowledge and are known for taking their customers along, to enable them to confidently run their day-2 operations.