Innovation for Automotive Suppliers: Hybrid Cloud Approach for Legacy SCM

Boost Performance & Flexibility: Scale with VMware Cloud on AWS

An automotive parts manufacturer is grappling with a problem many traditional businesses can relate to. Unlike startups, they can't just rent an app or a cloud solution and scale it as they wish. Our client has developed their own bespoke Supply Chain Management (SCM) software. This software is invaluable to them and has generally functioned well ... until they encountered performance issues. To identify the cause, they enlisted comdivision to analyze their infrastructure.

The company, employing over 2,400 people, specializes in the manufacture of electrical parts for the automotive industry. “We design and produce electronic components for a variety of applications and maintain a vast network of suppliers,” the CIO explained. “Our Supply Chain Management system has grown alongside our company. We've consistently added new suppliers and functionalities as dictated by our business needs.”

the challenge

The company harbored concerns about the reliability of cloud solutions and had limited knowledge about the array of available options. “We casually discussed various things over lunch," Paschek recollected. "Our client mentioned concerns about privacy related to general cloud computing but in the next breath discussed Office 365 integration. I found myself saying, 'But you're already utilizing the cloud'," Paschek chuckled. "In any case, this set the stage for a broader discussion, and I suggested they test out VMware Cloud on AWS."

Tobias successfully allayed their concerns about confidentiality and data protection, and the client quickly recognized that VMC on AWS could potentially solve their problems.

the solution

With VMware Cloud on AWS, the client can transition their workloads into the cloud without the need to restructure the existing system. Paschek explained: "We carried out a proof of concept with the client and managed to link the client's data center with the VMC in the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instance within two hours. A mere 30 minutes later, the first VM was up and running in the cloud."

the result

The client was not only impressed by the rapid expansion of the data center but also by Paschek's ability to clarify the technology in depth. "It's evident that Toby does this frequently," the Infrastructure Manager commented. "Understanding all these aspects is one thing, but conveying the topic in a way that resonates with the listener is another," he added. "The speed at which we can leverage AWS services from there greatly pleases our development department, as they're spared from having to supply all their tools independently! The SCM software can now be scaled quickly and on-demand, and it also supports our ongoing native cloud app strategy. If we want to eventually retire the app, we could easily scale back, but I don't see that happening. However, it's nice to have the option, and it helps with budget discussions," the head of infrastructure said.



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