Revolutionizing IT Infrastructure and Data Security: Transforming a Multinational Logistics Company

comdivision's strategic IT revamp boosts efficiency

This case study highlights our collaboration with a multinational logistics company. Over the years, the company developed a complex and decentralized IT infrastructure, with numerous data centers and branch offices. Managing and scaling this IT landscape became challenging, and was compounded by increasing data security and compliance concerns. To address these complexities, the company partnered with comdivision for a comprehensive assessment of their IT framework, and to devise a global IT architectural strategy.

The project leveraged the expertise of several comdivision architects and consultants, recognizing the need for proficiency in End-User Computing, SD-WAN, Security, and Cloud Computing.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to refine the IT infrastructure to align with the company's strategic objectives. The decentralized and unchecked framework led to inefficiencies, escalating costs, and inconsistent user experiences across locations. The company aimed to develop an immediate, as well as 3-year and 5-year roadmap that considers factors, such as cloud integration, data protection, scalability, and user productivity.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, comdivision initiated a thorough review of the IT landscape — incorporating business imperatives, technological advancements, and industry benchmarks. Insights from approximately 100 interviews guided the solution blueprint, which included:

1) Comprehensive Data Assessment: A detailed analysis identified data types, their significance, and compliance needs; it also offered insights into governance and protection strategies, in order to shape the IT architecture.

2) Global Cloud Adoption: The team centralized and simplified IT infrastructure using cloud services. A hybrid cloud, combining public services with an on-premises data center, provided scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency, while ensuring control over sensitive data.

3) Edge Computing Roll-out: To enhance local application security and user interfaces, the company will deploy edge computing at selected locations – placing computing resources closer to users to reduce network delays and improve real-time analysis.

4) Transformation of Remote Office Branches: Independent remote branches with shadow IT will be integrated into the global IT network – standardizing services and securing connections to the main hub and cloud resources. This ensuring consistent experiences, streamlined management, and better security.

5) Roadmap for Future Growth: Based on the assessment and their strategic goals, comdivision developed a roadmap for immediate, 3-year, and 5-year IT architecture goals, which include cloud integration, security protocols, digital transformation, and continuous service optimization.

The Result         

The comprehensive overhaul led by comdivision resulted in a streamlined IT infrastructure that aligns perfectly with the company’s strategic goals.



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