Together, based on the collected data, we analyze which application consumes what amount of bandwidth. Also cost of the individual connections are important, especially if using leased lines or MPLS solutions for branch offices. Afterwards we are providing a concept to optimize traffic steering for individual application on the one hand, on the other hand lower the monthly fees for the used internet connections.

Products aligned with this offering

  • VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

High level project timeline

  • approximately 30 days

High level services provided

  • Understand bandwidth consumption: how much bandwidth is consumed by which application over which uplink.
  • Analyse MPLS and leased line cost and technology: nowadays many companies rely on expensive, telco provided, private networks (e.g. MPLS). Using cheaper lines with a different SLA, but multiple, can help lowering the cost with an overall identical or better uptime, availability and overall more cost efficient bandwidth usage.

  • Present results: after the assessment we consolidate the results and present them towards supporting organizations. Preparing the organization to build a future-proof software-defined wide area network based on actual requirements.

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