Comparing VMware Horizon with Citrix: A Trading Company Evaluates Performance through a Proof of Concept

Horizon vs. Citrix: Trading Firm Boosts VDI with Proven Results

A natural resources trading company from Switzerland faced performance challenges with their existing Citrix XenDesktop environment. To address these issues, a head-to-head comparison with VMware Horizon was proposed, specifically to evaluate the capabilities of the Blast protocol.

“Internal customers have been experiencing issues with our current VDI performance,” the head of their virtualization team articulated. “Our traders require systems that are highly performant and latency-free.”

The Challenge

The primary challenges included coordinating with a remote team located on the other side of the world and optimizing the Horizon platform for maximum performance. The implementation of Microsoft MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) through VMware TrueSSO only added to the complexity. Although the VMware documentation made it seem straightforward, the actual integration proved to be more challenging.

The Solution

Through a series of workshops, the objectives and success criteria for the Horizon proof of concept (PoC) were clearly defined; the well-defined success metricslaid the foundation for a compelling and secure solution that easily gained approval.

The comdivision team, led by Harold Preyers and Maarten Caus, was able to offer a solution that significantly outperformed the existing system, thereby satisfying the customer's needs.

The Result         

Harold Preyer excitedly announced that "comdivision was able to deliver a Horizon VDI platform that not only meets, but exceeds, all of the customer's performance requirements, all while maintaining the highest standards of security!".



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