Revolutionary Business Continuity in Tourism: Security through VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Tourism Industry Secured: VMware Cloud Ensures Operational Continuity.

Our client in the tourism industry needed their infrastructure protected against potential disasters, as part of their Business Continuity Management. To effectively support the specific needs and decisions of the client, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery was configured. The diverse configuration options of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery ensure comprehensive protection.

The goal was to ensure that the defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) are met, guaranteeing operational security without compromise in the event of a disaster.

The Challenge

In the context of Business Continuity Management, it is crucial to effectively protect the existing on-premises data center against various risks, such as natural disasters or other unforeseen events. An innovative approach – leveraging cloud-based infrastructure – is pursued to avoid operating and managing an additional on-premises data center and securing corresponding hardware. Continuous synchronization ensures that all relevant data is consistently up to date, not only during regular operations but especially in the event of a disaster. The goal of this approach is to minimize potential data loss to an absolute minimum, thereby ensuring operational security in any situation.

The Solution

For the implementation of the cloud-based approach, the product VCDR - VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery was utilized. This facilitated an efficient transfer and updated the data from the on-premises data center to the Cloud SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center).

For precise configuration, virtual machines are logically grouped and linked with corresponding Protection Groups. These Protection Groups offer granular configuration options to ensure that data in the Cloud is consistently up to date.

System recovery is ensured through detailed Recovery Plans. These plans define the exact recovery process of virtual machines in a specific order and additionally allow the configuration of further customizable steps. The granular configuration options in both Protection Groups and Recovery Plans provide comprehensive security that is tailored to specific circumstances.

Thanks to these precise configuration capabilities, it is seamlessly possible to ensure a high level of protection in line with the client's Business Continuity Management standards and expectations.

The Result         

Through a customized implementation and configuration, the on-premises data center is safeguarded against potential disasters. The defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) from Business Continuity Management are adhered to accordingly.

The integrated monitoring and auditing not only enable continuous surveillance, but also provide detailed documentation of disaster recovery tests. Consequently, all test runs can be meticulously documented and verified, establishing a crucial foundation for security and compliance.

The utilization of VCDR significantly contributes to ensuring operational security in the event of a disaster.



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