A comprehensive approach to evaluating infrastructure using vSphere Health Check

Optimize your infrastructure with vSphere Health Check

"Our industrial client expressed the desire to undergo a comprehensive analysis of their infrastructure to ensure it aligns with their business requirements," explains Patrick Kawal, comdivision's Lead Architect for this client. "The focus was not only on taking stock of the current configuration, but also on making informed decisions for future design changes that would best support the business and further develop the infrastructure." To meet this demand, the client decided to commission a vSphere Health Check.

The vSphere Health Check provides the client with a holistic assessment of their infrastructure, identification of areas for improvement, and concrete recommendations for future design decisions. These recommendations are based on VMware Best Practices, which serve as the foundation for an optimized infrastructure. The goal is to ensure that the client's infrastructure is aligned as closely as possible with their business requirements.

the challenge

A comprehensive analysis of the historically grown environment, consisting of 14 hosts, is necessary to thoroughly examine their configuration and performance. Various relevant aspects, such as hardware specifications including CPU models, existing storage, used memory, as well as configuration of virtual switches and the physical uplinks they use, and existing security measures, need to be examined in detail. The aim is to identify potential misconfigurations and highlight areas for improvement in order to ensure that the environment is operated optimally and efficiently and potential risks are minimized.

the solution

To conduct a comprehensive analysis, all the necessary data from the client's infrastructure was exported, and a manual review of the hosts was conducted in close collaboration with the client. Existing configurations were neutrally questioned in open dialogues to obtain a holistic view of the environment. After completing the analysis, all the results were compiled into actionable recommendations based on VMware Best Practices, serving as a foundation.

the result

In the actionable recommendations, we thoroughly documented all the findings and insights from the analysis. This included not only the identified misconfigurations, but also potential areas for improvement and optimization opportunities for the environment. The next steps for the client were described in detail to ensure that the environment is aligned as closely as possible with the company's requirements. The vSphere Health Check serves as a comprehensive basis for future design decisions to improve the performance, security, and efficiency of the environment and support the client's business to the fullest extent. With this document, the client has the opportunity to steer the implementation of the recommended measures and continuously optimize the environment.



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