Upgrade to vSphere 7 on SAP-Hana-based environment

Taking IT infrastructure to the next level

This German customer from the publishing industry is one of the pioneers in its sector. The company employs around 2000 people across Europe. So one of the main objectives was to ensure that the necessary updates were carried out without causing a lot of downtime for the employees.

Patrick Kawal, comdivion's lead architect for this customer, knows how to achieve this. Mr Kawal carefully planned all the steps of the update and recorded them in a step-by-step plan.

the challenge

Upgrading the virtualization infrastructure on a SAP-based environment requires careful planning and execution to minimize any potential disruptions to the business.

During the initial workshop, we analyzed the infrastructure and configuration of the SAP hosts and vCenter to verify compatibility with the upgrade.

By leveraging the integrated vSphere features and presenting a detailed plan to the customer, we were able to alleviate their concerns and minimize the potential disruptions of the upgrade to almost zero.

Giving the importance that SAP is a critical component for all business processes within the company, it is essential to keep it up-to-date and fully supported in order to mitigate security risks.

the solution

By performing an assessment and evaluating the interoperability of the product, we are able to give our customers a step-by-step plan for the update process.

This not only helps the customer to understand the process, but also to convey a high level of professionalism. The customer agreed to our schedule and so we can ensure that the update is carried out smoothly, according to plan and systematically.

the result      

The upgrade of the infrastructure to vSphere 7 was successfully completed with no impact on the business, thanks to the thorough preparation and effective communication with the customer.

All hosts and the vCenter are now running on the latest version of vSphere with up-to-date drivers and firmware.

The customer is pleased with the outcome and grateful that the step-by-step plan helped ensure a smooth and successful upgrade.



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