Bring Dev and Ops together to continuously build, run and manage apps your users love on any cloud you choose

Free apps from the infrastructure with microservices, containers and Kubernetes so that they can work independently and run anywhere. You can automate the delivery of container workloads, and proactively manage apps in production with VMware Tanzu. It's about giving developers the freedom to do their thing: create great apps.

Get on the fast path to Kubernetes

VMware Tanzu Basic simplifies operation of Kubernetes on-premises by putting cloud native constructs at the virtualization admin’s fingertips as part of vSphere 7. It delivers an open source-aligned Kubernetes distribution, packaged for the enterprise and delivered as part of your existing infrastructure to support application modernization.

Simplify Kubernetes operations

Ease Kubernetes adoption by making it part of your existing vSphere infrastructure and operating with familiar tools.

Enable developer self-service

Provide self-service access to resources and environments, while maintaining IT policy and security controls.

Access the best of open source

Take advantage of the full innovation and energy of the Kubernetes community and greater project visibility.

Simplify Kubernetes operation across clouds

VMware Tanzu Standard simplifies operation of Kubernetes for multi-cloud deployment, centralizing management and governance for many clusters and teams across on-premises, public clouds, and edge. It delivers an open source-aligned Kubernetes distribution with consistent operations and management to support your infrastructure and app modernization.

Realize the benefits of multi-cloud

Run Kubernetes across on-premises, public clouds, and edge.

Operate all clusters consistently

Take central control of all your Kubernetes clusters, no matter where they reside.

Improve security and governance

Apply clear policies of access, security and more to your clusters and teams

Build and deliver compliant containers - continuously

VMware Tanzu Advanced simplifies and secures the container lifecycle to speed the delivery of modern apps at scale. With its modular, full-stack capabilities, you can embrace DevSecOps and stand up a platform for modern apps that works for your organization. Automatically build a stream of compliant containers. Secure your software supply chain end to end. And operationalize containers and clusters across clouds.

Let developers focus on code, not infrastructure

Plug into a secure, automated software supply chain to get to production quickly.

Secure the container lifecycle

Establish end-to-end security from code provenance to apps running safely in production.

Simplify and scale operations atop Kubernetes

Manage policy, networking, and health of containers and clusters across clouds.

Service Offerings

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