Connect, monitor and secure microservices across any runtime and any cloud

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh built on VMware NSX provides consistent operations and security across the end-to-end application transaction—end users to services to data—on any platform or cloud. What’s more, you can simplify lifecycle management of all service meshes within your enterprise.

Automate running distributed apps

Enable app owners to automate networking, security and observation functions in distributed apps with complete transparency and no language limitations.

Get full-service visibility and control

Give operators the ability to quickly implement and modify the operational controls across services. No redeployments or code changes necessary.

Secure communications and data

Provide DevSecOps with the granular authorization and encryption features to secure communications and protect data in transit.

Service Offerings

We have created a number of standard service packages for you. If you require anything outside of the scope outlined in our datasheets, be sure to give us a call and we will be happy to create a customized offering for you.

We have not yet created any standardized service offerings for this item. But don't worry! Give us a ring and we will work analyze what custom requirements you have:

Case Studies

We have been around since 1996. Naturally, we have tremendous experience helping our customers to design, automate, secure and operate their infrastructure, manage their mobile devices or train their key personell.
To give you a better idea what we do, we have collected a bunch of stories that best outline our work.

We are working constantly to write about our most exciting (and not so exciting – but none-the-less important) projects. Be sure to check back! In the meantime, maybe some of our other case studies are of interest to you: