Implementing a Modern Application Platform for a Viennese Social Services Provider

Enhancing Efficiency in Viennese Social Services with VMware Tanzu

A social services provider in Vienna faced the challenge of modernizing its IT infrastructure to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of its staff in supporting Viennese citizens in difficult life situations.

The Challenge

The requirement was to implement a modern application platform integrating NSX Network Application Platform (NAP) and VMware Tanzu with Kubernetes on VMware. "I have been working with the client for a long time, and weäve grown together through new challenges. A container platform was urgently needed, as it has repeatedly become clear that application development cannot respond quick enough to new challenges," explains Paschek, a project manager at comdivision.

The Solution

To meet these requirements, VMware Tanzu was selected as the central platform for container applications. This enabled a rapid and flexible response to new challenges. Additionally, the NSX Application Platform was utilized to improve security, particularly through the use of VMware NSX Advanced Threat Prevention.

The Result

The client emphasized the importance of bringing the application development and infrastructure teams back together, which was achieved within a few weeks thanks to VMware Tanzu and support from comdivision. The security improvements, through the use of the NSX Application Platform, quickly showed results – as several attack attempts were successfully thwarted.

This partnership between the Vienna social services provider, VMware Tanzu, and comdivision illustrates how modern IT solutions can support and enhance the work of social institutions. By implementing a flexible and secure container platform, new challenges can be efficiently addressed, and communication between different IT teams is improved. "Through the use of VMware technologies, we have achieved faster responses to challenges and improved security, which has helped us successfully fend off attack attempts," added the CEO of the client.



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