From audit to excellence: How a leading german provider transformed cloud security

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As one of Germany’s leading providers, our customer offers hosting and fully-managed services from their own first-class datacenters. Especially their Enterprise Cloud offerings, built on VMware Cloud Director, play an important role within their managed service portfolio.

In response to the increasing demand for secure cloud infrastructure, a comprehensive assessment and hardening guidance have been undertaken in collaboration with the service provider. Robust security practices have been established to ensure service continuity, minimize downtime, and maintain customer satisfaction. comdivision security audit based on a scoring system of VMware and industry best-practices has been used to make sure all aspects to secure a VMware environment have been checked and applied.

The Challenge

VMware Cloud Director is a widely-used cloud service delivery platform that enables service providers to orchestrate the provision and management of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud services. It is not exempt from potential security threats and challenges. After the initial audit several risk items have been identified.

The Solution

During intensive workshops, the current state of the environment was analyzed and discussed with the customer. Leveraging the comdivision security guide, more than 150 system and process relevant items have been checked within the cloud environment.

For technical or configurational aspects, appropriate changes were first applied to the test environment and later transferred to the production setup. For other areas, Comdivision provided specific recommendations and guidance to ensure that the overall cloud ecosystem minimizes attack vectors and security risks.

The Result

The changes made to existing systems, along with operational guidance, have been an unequivocal success. Upon concluding the engagement, the cloud environment achieved a compliance rate of 94% for security items. The remaining 6% led to concrete action plans and upcoming initiatives by the service provider.

"Security is a cornerstone of our services, and we understand its critical role in the success and stability of our cloud-based infrastructure. In an era of growing cyber threats, comdivision is taking decisive actions to stay ahead, offering peace of mind and dependable service to our customers," the Chief IT-Security Officer said.



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