Workspace ONE Update for an Enterprise Software Vendor

WS1 Update for an Enterprise Software Vendor

This large software vendor and consulting company with more than 4,000 employees worldwide manages 25,000 devices. Their customers expect them to be there for them 24/7, so maintenance windows are really small.

“Our corporate mission statement is, that we know OUR business, and our customers know theirs. To live by that maxim, when it comes to mobile device management, we leave it to the experts” said the project lead within the customer’s IT department and continued: “comdivision has proven that they know how to handle large number of devices and challenging maintenance windows”.

The Challenge

Tobias Paschek, comdivision’s project lead on the case, knew that with very tight maintenance windows, the downtime had to be kept at a minimum. “the obvious problem with these kinds of migrations is, that thousands of users won’t be able to do their work if the update fails and we don’t have a fallback in place”, knew Paschek “all of a sudden, Windows – or Workspace ONE for that matter – becomes a business critical system; not just for our customer, but for their customers as well, if they can’t reach the help desk in case of a problem”.

The migration of the existing personal content data to the NetApp also was a great challenge. VMware had discontinued the personal content feature and the data needed to be safely migrated to the NetApp system.

The Solution

Paschek and his team first created a timeline for the migration, in order to get every department – especially the Service Desk – appraised of the coming reduction of service. “We developed an emergency plan, to ensure that we have said fall back strategy in place, if something goes wrong” explained Paschek, “we could then safely upgrade Workspace ONE and update the operating system along the way”.

For the personal content data, the comdivision team sat with the customer and developed a plan to migrate the personal content to user repositories.

The Result

Mr. Paschek and his colleagues have demonstrated a very structured approach” the customer’s project lead commended, “we felt taken care cared of, there were several critical situations in the course of the migration, to which we were clearly informed and immediately got a plan of how we would react to this situation and what exact problems or failures can be expected” he explained. "We were also able to clearly inform our service desk when there would be business interruptions as part of the update, and due to targeted user information, there was not a single ticket for mobile workspace during the migration."

The Outlook

“We are already planning new projects and hope that Mr. Paschek and his team are available again”, concluded the project lead.



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