VEKA boosts central control of mobile devices for flexible work approach

VEKA offers staff more flexibility with Workspace ONE

VEKA AG aimed to strengthen its device management. VMware Workspace ONE™ enables staff to access the productivity apps they need to work effectively while maintaining a consistent posture on device security. As a result, operational costs have decreased, and user satisfaction has improved.

Please note: this case study originally appeared on VMware's Blog


Flexible working is now standard in most global enterprises, with a 2019 survey showing 61 percent allow remote work. However, Japan lags, with only 32 percent of companies offering flexible policies despite strong employee demand. While remote work is prevalent, it brings challenges like worker isolation and managerial concerns over losing visibility and control.

the challenge

"Addressing the technical challenges is often the first step in adapting to the cultural shift. With factories and sales offices in over 40 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, VEKA is the world's largest manufacturer of UPVC windows. This family-owned business, with a 50-year history and headquartered in Germany, recognizes that relentless innovation is key to maintaining its industry lead. The global engineering and construction industry is full of competitors constantly introducing cheaper alternatives. VEKA aims to stay ahead by spearheading digital innovation, streamlining global processes, and empowering mobile workers to access information and work effectively as dispersed teams from anywhere.

The challenge lies not so much in finding the right hardware and applications - as video conferencing, file sharing, and messaging apps are abundant - but in ensuring that this environment remains safe and secure. Much of VEKA’s value is in its Intellectual Property (IP), which it cannot risk being accessed through an employee’s mobile device.

the solution

To foster global collaboration, VEKA sought to strengthen its control over device management, from iPads to warehouse scanners. VMware Workspace ONE allows VEKA to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device. The solution, integrating access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management, is available both as a cloud service and for on-premise deployment.

Comdivision, a VMware Master Services Partner and long-term service provider to VEKA, conducted a Proof of Concept and product training, then designed and implemented Workspace ONE with VEKA. This solution enables VEKA to establish a global device management policy, managed from its headquarters in Germany, while allowing flexibility to accommodate local preferences. It includes several features that enhance user experience significantly, such as secure, password-free single sign-on (SSO) to various apps on any device, speeding up access and boosting productivity. Integrated insights, app analytics, and automation further optimize resources and bolster security across the environment.

the result

From Control to Optimization: Today, Workspace ONE manages 500 corporate devices, from iPads to scanners, with expectations to increase to 1,000 within the year. VEKA reports that Workspace ONE has reduced operational costs and simplified user onboarding. User satisfaction has increased, and the company maintains a more consistent security posture. There is now greater control over, and more effective use of, mobility devices and applications.

Device management is more transparent, allowing users to see what data is being collected and VEKA to clarify what is permitted on company-owned devices. VEKA’s focus has shifted from merely managing devices and applications to optimizing the user experience.



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