Rapid and Efficient Recovery of a Workspace ONE Environment Following a Crypto Attack

Rapid WorkspaceONE Rescue

In the fast-paced world of digitalization, companies are not spared from cyberattacks that can interrupt their operational routines and jeopardize their valuable data. This was unfortunately demonstrated when a medium-sized company in Germany became the target of a crypto attack. The assault brought the entire IT infrastructure to a halt, including the Workspace ONE environment, and caused a complete production shutdown.

Given that the hardware was inaccessible, due to ongoing forensic investigations, the company had to act quickly and flexibly to create a completely new digital workspace. Our team accepted this challenge and successfully implemented a comprehensive and customized solution within a week, ensuring a smooth recovery process and enabling the company to swiftly resume its regular operations.

The Challenge

The client's IT environment, including Workspace ONE, fell victim to a sophisticated crypto attack. Important data was encrypted and rendered useless, which had significant operational and financial impacts. The ongoing forensic investigations, in the wake of the attack, further prevented access to the existing hardware and complicated the IT environment's restoration.

The Solution

Our primary goal was to make the recovery process both efficient and quick, without compromising the quality and security of the newly established Workspace ONE environment. With careful planning and consistent execution of our implementation strategy, we created a seamless transition from the compromised to the new workspace.

Moreover, we integrated additional features to enhance the overall functionality and security of the Workspace ONE environment worked closely with the client to develop tailored solutions and minimize future security risks. Unlike the usual recovery process, we decided against using potentially unsafe backups and instead opted for a complete system rebuild. Through our expertise and close collaboration with the client's internal resources, we managed to nearly entirely rebuild the Active Directory (AD) and successfully restore the critical data.

The Result         

Thanks to the comprehensive rebuild completed in record time, we successfully restored our client's Workspace ONE environment.

The deployment of the new environment took just one week and included all the features requested by the client. Furthermore, we not only restored the company's productivity, but also significantly improved the security infrastructure.

This solution enabled the company to resume operations with increased resilience and confidence in its ability to fend off future threats. Despite the previous challenges, we were able to offer significant added value to our client in the German construction industry.



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