VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is VMware's on-demand disaster recovery service that is delivered as an easy-to-use SaaS solution and offers cloud economics to help keep your disaster recovery costs under control. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery protects your virtual machines, on-premises or on VMware Cloud on AWS, by replicating them to the cloud and recovering them to a VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Center ("SDDC").

VMware Cloud DR is a managed disaster recovery (DR) service, which means you only need to enable protection and configure recovery methods and don’t have to worry about managing the infrastructure which facilitates the same.

The Architecture of VMware Cloud DR consists of many different components.

  • The DRaaS Connector is a virtual appliance installed in the VMware vSphere environment where the virtual machines to be protected are running. The DRaaS Connector communicates to the SaaS Orchestrator.
  • The SaaS Orchestrator is a cloud component that presents a user interface (UI) to consume the Service Offering and includes several disaster recovery orchestration capabilities to automate the disaster recovery process.  The SaaS Orchestrator handles the following tasks:
  • Creation or attachment of the Recovery SDDC
  • Establishing communication from the cloud DRaaS Connector to the SaaS Orchestrator
  • Manage/execute backup schedules
  • Mounting the NFS volume to the Recovery SDDC
  • Initiating the storage vMotion to local Recovery SDDC vSAN storage.
  • Failback of VM back to the protected site
  • Executing Compliance checks
  • Facilitate exports of activity and reports
  • Scale-out Cloud File System (SCFS) is a cloud component that enables the efficient storage of backups of the protected virtual machines in cloud storage and allows virtual machines to be recovered very quickly without a time-consuming data rehydration process.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC is used as a recovery site to perform DR plan test or actual failover.  

Service Offerings

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