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Yves Sandfort

Yves Sandfort

As you might now comdivision was the 1st in Germany and 2nd in EMEA to gain the VMware Cloud on AWS master services competency (see also: One of our regular tasks is to work with customers in EMEA and North America to evaluate how well the VMware Cloud on AWS offering is a fit for them. Which is why our consultants and architects developed an analytics solution to help customers with a self-paced online assessment.

Beside custom business and technical consultancy we have also developed a few offerings:

  1. VMware Cloud on AWS self-paced online assessment.I will cover more on this later in this post.
  2. Is your organization ready for VMware Cloud on AWS?
    This on-site workshop is really targeted towards a tech and management audience where we discuss all open questions on the platform, discuss use cases and also understand migration scenarios.
  3. VMware Cloud on AWS Sizing, ROI, TCO workshop
    This workshop is kicked off remote where we install some data collection in your infrastructure to allow for a more detailed ROI and TCO discussion. This also will give you more details into your actual IT costs and how this relates to moving some or all workloads into the cloud.
  4. All-in-One VMware Cloud on AWS experience
    This is a 10-14 days engagement where we run thru the prerequisite workshops, setup a POC infrastructure and do an in-depth tech analysis with you to ensure the correct use case is applied.

As we run these workshops as a consultancy service, there is no need for us to push anyone into any acquisition and believe it or not, we had customers where we had to say: VMware Cloud on AWS is NOT a fit. Something we can do as our business focus is honest customer consultancy and not license or cloud service sale. While clearly we have such numbers we can and will not share those in public.

Why did we create the VMware Cloud on AWS assessment tool?

We found that many customers want to get a first idea on how well they are prepared and what typical areas of discussion are. So we collected all the input we had from customer workshops and started to build an Online Assessment tool. Such a tool will NEVER replace an in person consultancy, but it is a good starting point for many customers, and we constantly feed more information into it.

How does it work?

You open a browser and go to and fill out the form, we have provided some defaults for all questions you might not be able to answer yet. This is not an instant calculation, as there are quite a few weight/balanced analytics going on in the back end. Once the data has reached our system we will calculate a base score from 0-100 and also some guidance based on your results which will be combined in a customized results document.

Is the result accurate?

It is as good as the data input is, but let's be honest there is not always black and white, something an in person consultant or architect with many years experience can adjust. Working just with automated analytics might be more predictive, but has the high risk that the results differ.

Do we store the information?

Yes we keep the data linked to your company information for 90 days, before we remove your company/user information and only keep the statistical information which can no longer be back linked. Why do we store it? It will make it easier for you and us to engage, as we can use the information provided for any of the workshops or other engagements.

Will the reports be updated?

While we only send you a report when you request it, we constantly feed the information from our customer workshops back into the analytics system. So even if you use exactly the same information you might get different results the other days as we constantly refine the system.

Can such system be used for other assessments?

Yes for sure, this is something our architects and consultants developed first and foremost for the VMware Cloud on AWS use case, but with the ability to reuse this on other case studies and scenarios. Just reach out to us and we are happy to discuss such use cases.





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