5 MSCs - comdivision did it again...


Yves Sandfort

Yves Sandfort

This Monday morning we got an early call from our VMware partner manager Sabine Maier: "Congratulations… comdivision did it again…", what happened? As you know comdivision is always on the early adopters circle for new VMware technologies, it's not necessarily always that public as we evaluate the market, feature set, but also provide a lot of feedback towards VMware. Which is why sometimes we might not be seen for what we do on a specific product range. VMware Cloud on AWS is a bit different, as we were early in the game and also have already presented at events like the AWS transformation day in Munich earlier this year with lot's of great feedback from the AWS community.

So why did Sabine call? We first thought it was related to something else we were to launch in the next few days, but then we learned that we already completed necessary steps for the VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency.

What is Master Services Competency?

Master Services Competencies are the highest partner certifications level as they proof that the partner has invested heavily in education and certification plus has validated customer references. You can find more at:

What does this Master Services Competency require?

First and foremost education for the architects and consultants working on this product. There are several requirements like NSX (we had that box checked before we saw it), VSAN (also a no brainer for us) and then also VMware Cloud on AWS practice with several in person and live online trainings followed by the Master Specialist exam for VMware Cloud on AWS (similar to a VCAP level). Finally there is one more, you need to provide customer references running VMware Cloud on AWS in production (not POC, no single node etc.) which was then validated by the VMware customer success team.

comdivision is one of the leading MSC partners globally

We do not only hold one or two, we as comdivision are proud that our team got the first 4 Master Services Competencies (DCV, CMA, CTM and NSX) already a few weeks after the launch in early 2018, following second after our friends from ITQ in the Netherlands (who did a little head start), followed by many others and there is especially in EMEA a community of these highly capable partners which also includes Xtravirt or Huco. Not to forget the few global partners on this level.

On Monday we learned that VMware confirmed the 5th Master Services Competency for comdivision, that makes us 2nd globally after RoundTower Technologies, 1st to achieve 5 MSCs in the EMEA region and also 1st with VMware Cloud on AWS MSC status in Germany. We couldn't be more honoured by this achievement, it's another visible proof for all we do at customers every day.

How can comdivision achieve this?

First and foremost we have the perfect team, from the backoffice crew which every day ensures that we can deliver to our customers in a very agile pace, with a high velocity, and just always a bit above our customers expectation. Followed by a great team (I think it's the best ;-) ) of architects and consultants who are all hungry for new technologies, eager to learn, but more important happy to share what we learned with customers and peers in the industry.

Third there is the amazing support we get from VMware starting with our partner manager (both Sabine Maier which just took over, but also Andreas Rubinski), but also Veronique Nurit on the EMEA site, up to people at the global site (like Shawn Toldo and Jennie Flinders) not only from partner management, but also different business units etc. Up to most important Pat Gelsinger himself.

Together we are all on a journey towards what we envision as comdivision 2020, we will not change our roots, nor our clear business position, but we evolve, as we grow together with VMware into the future of a true multi or hybrid cloud business.





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