vCloud Director 9.7 vRO plugin configuration


Matthias Eisner

Matthias Eisner

This article explains how to use the “Add connection” workflow from the vCD 9.7 vRO plugin, because it’s not obvious in first place.

After installing the vCD 9.7 plugin into vRO (installation is not part of this article), there are additional workflows in the library, including a folder called “Plug-in Configuration”. This contains the workflows to add, delete, and update the plugin connection to vCloud Director.

What is so complicated configuring the connection? In first, we just click add, fill out the form, click submit, AND then we end up with an EXCEPTION. Every single time!! The question: why is this workflow not working? And this is a pretty good question!

If you take a closer look to the workflow, there is neither an element nor a single line of code, adding or accepting, the certificate of vCloud Director. Thus, leads to the behavior, that the connection cannot be added to the plugin.

The solution is very simple: in the inventory navigate to Library -> Configuration -> SSL Trust Manager. There is a workflow called “Import a certificate from URL”. Just import the vCD certificate before adding the connection.

For your convenience, we created a workflow containing both library workflows which makes it easier to use. It can be downloaded right here -> Configure vCD plugin with certificate.workflow

Hope this helps and have fun using vRO and vCD together for automation.





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