Deployment of a VMware vRealize Operations Manager environment. The services include the installation, configuration and handover of one basic vRealize Operations Manager instance with dashboards and reports. vRealize Operations Manager will be deployed into one or more vCenter Server instances. After the initial setup, a first health-outcome will be presented to the customer and a proper action plan to mitigate the risks will be defined. A workshop-based handover will make sure operators will have a good overview of vRealize Operations Manager capabilities.

Products aligned with this offering

• VMware vRealize Operations Manager

High level project timeline

• 1 week

High level services provided

• Lowering of operational expenditures for maintaining and delivering the vSphere platform.
• Automation of tasks to remediate risks and reduce issues.
• Offer capacity planning mechanisms based on historical workload.
• Right-size virtual machines based on data.
• Troubleshoot workload problems with aggregated views.


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