VMware NSX is the software defined networking platform allowing you not only to move standard network services into the software stack, but also build the necessary platform to be multi/hybrid-cloud ready. It is also the key building block to build a modern state-of-the-art secure network infrastructure. Granular protection for your apps via micro-segmentation down to the individual workload. Create context-aware security policies per workload to defend against lateral threats within your environment. comdivision will help you understand the platform, potential use cases and apply them to your needs.

Products aligned with this offering

  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware NSX-T/NSX-V

High level project timeline

  • 2-4 weeks

High level services provided

  • NSX overview.
  • High level design.
  • Analysis of potential use cases and priorities.
  • Actionable plan to design, implement and operate.


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