VMware Cloud Provider Pod - Designer (Part 1 of "let's see?")


Yves Sandfort

Yves Sandfort

Hopefully by now you have heard about the VMware Cloud Provider Pod? If not, here is the quick run down in my own words...

VMware Cloud Provider Pod allows you to create an automated design (VVD, VMware Cloud Certified or custom) with the Designer tool. Once the design matches your requirements you can use the provided vRealize Orchestrator package to deploy a complete vCloud Director based platform incl. add on products like vR Ops or vRealize Network Insight from bare metal to near production ready within less than 8 hours. And the best there is no extra cost for service providers to use this.

You want the longer story then you can watch my VMworld Session recording from VMworld 2018 Las Vegas.One of the key functions of the VMware Cloud Provider Pod is the designer which allows you to specific data for your implementation which is then processed by the VMware hosted document generator to customize the design documents and provide you with a custom automation package and configuration file for a complete deployment bare metal to cloud stack. Ready to operate your public cloud. The video shows the work with the designer and is the first in a series about VMware Cloud Provider Pod.Now let's get back into action, as the product has now been released I will step by step release videos showing you the world of VMware Cloud Provider Pod, today we start with your first step into this new way of deployment the Designer. The video is explaining the different forms, data entry and also shows how the resulting documents look like.

The following video was done based on a preview, a video with the final GA version will follow. So small differences on labels and buttons are expected...

Any questions or comments? Reach out on twitter or drop me a mail...





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