Moving our energy demand from consumption into partial production


Yves Sandfort

Yves Sandfort

comdivision moved already in 2017/2018 to purchase only 100% regenerative / carbon neutral energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We also invest in constant energy constant monitoring for offices as well as datacenter to identify potential areas of energy reduction

Investing into reduced energy consumption

Over the last 5+ years we constantly equipped individual energy segments of office as well as datacenter space so we can identify energy consumption, peaks etc. This allows us to clearly identify areas of high energy consumption and ensure we can lower those after review. This goes down to nearly room level in the office as well as rack and analysis of any external system like air condition etc. All new hardware, infrastructure technology etc. is validated against energy consumption and reduction.

Encourage energy savings

A special program for employees, members and partners has been introduced to encourage energy savings as people providing suggestions which can be executed a bonus for these. Those are not only for reducing energy consumption at the headquarter, we also offer these for people in home offices or even on the road.

Switch to electric mobility

We started the review in 2018 and first car replacement happened in 2019 with the move to Tesla for the HQ selection, we did not only move to electric car, but also installed a charging infrastructure consuming our 100% regenerative energy. We also encourage our partners etc. to switch to electric cars and provide support for installation of necessary infrastructure.

With cars as the start in 2019 we also installed an e-bike leasing program in 2020 for employees under which comdivision will fund all costs for leasing, insurance and maintenance for those bikes, ideally also using them for daily commute etc.

Generating our own energy with solar power

End of 2019 the approval and plan to install a photovoltaic system was set, challenge was that the old roofing of the main building was not build for the higher load, so it was not just install of solar panels. With COVID-19 causing a delay in summer 2020 we could finally start to replace the roofing, which allowed us at the same time to refresh insulation and also install a new central heating system. While roof replacement and solar panel installation was done in below 4 weeks it took nearly another 4 weeks to get the regulatory approval/certification to attach the system to the power grid even-though we consume all generated energy. So as of end of July we can generate somewhere around 20-30% of our consumed energy ourself. We will look into further reducing our energy consumption, but will stick with only purchasing clean regenerative energy to fill the gap.

Long term vision

Our long term vision is to generate/regenerate all our consumed energy ourselves, current technology would require external off-premises / on-grid generation to invest into as the headquarter does not allow us for more solar panel installation/wind power system.





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