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Yves Sandfort

Yves Sandfort

Two Leading IT Architecture Companies in the VMware Ecosystem Form Strategic Alliance

Las Vegas, NV, VMware Explore – 21-August 2021 – comdivision Group and End-2-End Enterprise Architecture, two dominant forces in IT architecture within the VMware Ecosystem, proudly announce a strategic alliance to deliver next-generation solutions globally.

Combining their innovative strengths, this partnership offers unparalleled expertise in cloud computing, virtualization, end-user computing, and network management.Together, comdivision and End-2-End Enterprise Architecture will enable businesses to be more agile, efficient, and competitive.

"While comdivision grew to be a leading IT architecture company in EMEA and Americas, we've spent the past months developing a strategic alliance with End-2-End Enterprise Architecture," said YvesSandfort, CEO of comdivision group. “We share many core values, and this alliance will drive technological advancements and redefine how businesses leverage VMware's platforms."

Josh Odgers, CEO of End-2-End Enterprise Architecture, added, "By joining forces, we are taking a monumental step towards delivering independent, expert level enterprise/solution architecture to deliver consistent, high quality business outcomes to even the largest global companies. Our combined efforts will empower clients to thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape and have access to a world-class skillset across the globe."

Together, the companies will leverage 8 Master Service Competencies, growing a robustVMware partnership in Asia Pacific. The combined workforce will boast 6 VCDXs in 7 categories, 50+VCIX badges, 80+ VCAP, and over 150+ VCP exams, outranking many industry partners.

Existing and future clients can benefit from some of the highest skilled architects globally. This will enhance support for Fortune 500 customers, service providers, system integrators, and vendors.

"When it comes to IT architecture, we aim to set the industry standard, focusing on our key values: Architect, Educate, Operate with a customer-first approach,” said Sandfort. "We aspire to be the go-to partner and home for the brightest architects in our field," continued Odgers.

The alliance will prioritize:

  • Providing expert level services globally including strategy,enterprise/solution architecture, implementation & enablement services to deliver consistent success business outcomes.
  • Co-developing Products: Innovating architecture solutions for cloud management, automation, and security.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Ensuring seamless integration for specific and complex business needs.
  • Strengthening Technical Support and Operations: Providing reliable support throughout all stages of digital transformation.

 Both comdivision and End2End are devoted to customer, partner, and broader VMware Ecosystem success. Additional details on the partnership and upcoming initiatives will be shared in the coming weeks.

 For more about comdivision, visit [].For End 2 End Architecture, visit [].


 About comdivision

comdivision, a leading VMware architecture and professional services company, is headquartered in Muenster, Germany, with additional offices in Austria,Belgium, the Netherlands, and the USA. Since its founding in 1996, comdivision has achieved notable recognition, being the first global VMware partner to holdall 8 Master Services Competencies and boasting an impressive staff certification level, including 100+ VCPs, 45 VCAPs, 39 VCIX, and 2 VCDXs.

Serving a wide range of clients from SMBs to Global Fortune 500 companies, as well as the public sector and military, comdivision operates primarily in the EMEA and Americas regions. Its team of architects skillfully designs customized cloud solutions for various industries, from automotive to cyber defense platforms.Knowledge sharing is central to comdivision's approach, with 8 certified instructors engaging clients at every level of their digital transformation.The experienced operations team offers managed services for all VMware products with global reach, ensuring comprehensive support for its customers.

Through innovation, excellence, and a commitment to client success, comdivision has established itself as a significant force in the VMware architecture landscape, setting new standards in the industry.



About End-2-EndEnterprise Architecture (E2EEA)

End-2-End EnterpriseArchitecture is a leading consulting firm with a focus on delivering exceptional technical and business outcomes.

Our team comprises of multiple VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX) & Nutanix Platform Experts (NPX) from renowned organizations like IBM, Veeam, Nutanix &VMware.

With a deep experience and understanding that comes from aligning with VMware’s expert architecture program (VCDX) and its goals, our team possess deep expertise in both the Enterprise and Solution architecture as well as implementation and support/operational aspects to address complex challenges. These skillsets enable End-2-End to deliver consistent business outcomes specialising in VMware, Nutanix, AWS, Google, and Microsoft programs across on-premises, public, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between customers, vendors, and systems integrators by providing expert-level strategic, architectural, and technical leadership. We believe in working hand in hand with all parties involved to ensure your success in achieving desired business and technical outcomes. With our highly experienced PrincipalArchitects and unwavering commitment to quality, we enhance your teams and help you navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.





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