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25 years and 7 VMware Master Services Competencies


Yves Sandfort

Yves Sandfort

So here we go, we did it again. Congratulations to the complete team and best we achieved parts of this with our newest team members! Thank you all... We are the 2nd partner globally with all 7 Master Services competencies. First our friends from ITQ, third are our friends from HUCO, all EMEA partners.

25 years ago I started as part of something after my civil service which is what we now know as comdivision. Originally started to provide web services during the early web days, we grew data center services and helped even during the Olympic Games sydney to provide news feeds back to europe. What a ride, the spin off of the hosting business in 2009 was the best decision, as it gave the master minds behind comdivision the room to focus on our key strength, architecture and consulting services.

We just finished the best year in history (our revenue doubled from previous year) and that during Covid-19 times, we are looking into a fantastic 2021, as we celebrate 7 MSCs, we start our 25th anniversary celebration and a growing list of customers around the globe.

We will share more in the upcoming weeks on how we plan to celebrate, for now let me thank Pat Gelsinger and many other VMware people for their congratulations messages we received already.

For more information go to where we will keep you posted on what we do to celebrate this year!