We know that Sea-Watch is most likely the most controverse organization we support, whilst comdivision and our CEO made very clear statements on our position against racism and discrimination of any kind, we believe that it is not within our value definition, that people die at our borders.

Here is a clear statement from our CEO Yves Sandfort on the topic:
We do not support Sea-Watch because they help people cross the boarder in an illegal way, we support Sea-Watch because we believe that no human being shall die at our boarders for the attempt to seek asylum. It is not on us to decide whether someone can stay within our country or the EU, that is a clear task of our governments. Everybody should think for themselves how desperate you must be to enter a boat which is not safe to make it's way to the target, has a high chance to die and still pay a massive amount to go on this deadly mission. I am not saying and stating that everybody should be allowed to come and stay, and if they have no valid reason to stay we might need to send them back, but first we need to validate their status and not watch people die at our boarders. Our corporate values include a vision that no one should die to get a better living, this includes that we expect that people who come to our or other countries are willing to integrate and work for their outcome. We are fortunate to be born in country with a passport which allows us to go anywhere we want and relatively easily get a work permit if we can proof that we can take care for ourselves, this is nothing we gained by any work, this is something we are born into. People who did not have that luck should have within the legal boundaries have the same chance. This does not include the mis use of social service and wellfare systems in other countries.
I personally had the opportunity over the last 25+ years to visit many countries, I was always welcomed openly and I know that with my willingness to integrate and to work hard, I would have had the chance to stay in many of them.

We as comdivision do not accept that people have to die because of their religion, race, gender etc. We believe that hard work should pay off and everybody who is willing to work hard to get a better living should have the chance to do so.


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