Lab Access

We provide access to the lab and demo center based on a VMware Horizon View infrastructure. Students will be able to gain access to the training environment from just about every Internet connection using a VMware Horizon View client. To access the environment, the VMware Horizon View client needs to be installed. The client is available for download at (install VMware Horizon Client). We support three access protocols: PCoIP, RDP and HTML5.We strongly recommend the use of PCoIP, as it provides the best results (this requires the following ports to be open: 80 TCP, 443 TCP, 4172 UDP/TCP, 9427 TCP, 32111 TCP).
Alternatively, RDP via port 443 TCP can be used.

To test access to the View client, please use the following login data:

VMware Horizon View server: 
Username: Please contact lab support or your account manager.
Password: Please contact lab support or your account manager.
Domain: CDIP