Architecting the next generation datacenter is one of comdivision's key competencies. As the industry increases the pace of innovation for the Data Center, we assure you to focus on your needs first and foremost. Your next generation data center is not built on buzzwords and clouds, it is built based on business requirements and achievements. Our architects work based on the comdivision methodology in a highly agile approach, allowing us to deliver within your budget and timeline.

comdivision methodology:

  • Built to meet your business requirements
  • Designed for service level achievement
  • Integrated with simplicity
  • Operated for success

Architecture based on business requirements

Whether we architect just a small point solution or the next generation IT-vision for an enterprise: we focus on your business and technical requirements first. Any IT architecture should be built to meet the demands of your business and users, not because a specific buzzword needs to be picked up. When concentrating on your business requirements first, it is easier to build a long-term vision or IT strategy, which will provide quick value and return for your business, too. 

Designed for Service Level Achievement/Agreement

While your individual business requirements define the need for specific service levels, our solution will be designed to fulfil or exceed your expectations. We won´t deliver IT services without a Service Level Agreement (SLA) - because without its need, would you truly require services? It might not be defined yet and it might not be described as detailed as people think when talking SLA, but with the comdivision methodology we will help you express the service levels to which your solution needs to deliver.

Simplicity implemented

Any comdivision architecture needs to pass a simple test when we ask ourselves: "can it be done more simplistic?". Only when both architects and analyst agree that this is the most simplistic approach to achieve the business requirements set, we consider it a solution built for purpose. 

Independent Review

Another key factor of any comdivision architecture is something which we call "independent review". Every solution designed by our team will sustain in a thorough review by either an internal or external commentator who was not involved in the project. This is key, because we ensure that all material can to be understood by a third party and it also is build to meet the comdivision methodology.

Reference Architecture

The comdivision team has helped several vendors to establish an industry standard or reference architecture for their product implementations. 


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