vSAN Express Storage Re-Architecture & Performance Troubleshooting

Transforming vSAN Performance with Express Storage Architecture

A VMware Service Partner encountered performance issues in a vSAN deployment for a medium-sized machine-builder company. The root cause analysis revealed that the challenges stemmed from a combination of improper design and incorrect hardware configurations. Unfortunately, the hardware did not meet the requirements for the latest vSAN architecture – the Express Storage Architecture.

The Challenge

Identifying the root cause of performance issues in a system like VMware vSAN can be a daunting task, especially in the case that there is not  a deep know-how of soft- and hardware present. The challenge lay in discerning whether the issues stemmed from software misconfigurations, hardware limitations, or a combination of both.

The Solution

Upon thorough examination of the bill of materials (BoM), it became apparent that the server hardware deployed was not suited to support the requirements of the next-generation vSAN ESA architecture. To address this, a multifaceted solution was proposed. Firstly, to mitigate immediate performance concerns, a temporary storage solution was implemented. This interim measure ensured that business operations continued without significant disruption, while a more permanent solution was devised.

Subsequently, a hardware redesign was initiated in collaboration with the machine-builder company. This redesign aimed to align the server infrastructure with the specifications of the Express Storage Architecture. By leveraging compatible hardware components and optimizing the configuration, the foundation for a robust and high-performing vSAN cluster was established.

The Result         

Four weeks following the implementation of the temporary storage solution, the redesigned vSAN cluster was successfully deployed. The new infrastructure not only met, but exceeded the performance expectations of the machine-building company. With the proper hardware in place, the vSAN environment demonstrated enhanced reliability, scalability, and efficiency.

Moreover, the interim storage solution proved instrumental in maintaining business continuity during the transition period. By addressing the immediate performance concerns, it ensured uninterrupted operations while the permanent solution was being implemented. This strategic approach not only resolved the existing challenges, but it also instilled confidence in the reliability of the vSAN infrastructure.

Future Plans        

It has been proven that comdivision was able to immediately help and tackle this complex and critical situation. The customer will be using cd:credits and cd:knowledege in the future to access this kind of support on demand. “With the immediate response comdivision helped us to keep the existing systems up and running and not putting our business at risk” the CEO of the customer added.



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