Storage system selection for in-house IT company

The in-house IT subsidiary provides managed IT services to their parent organization with more than 30.000 employees and more than €7 billion revenue. During the last 20 years they grew to become a major player in enterprise application hosting, such as SAP HANA or Oracle.

They operate their own data centers in Germany,comforming with the highest compliance standards.

The Challenge

"Traditionally we were using a legacy 3- tier storage platform", the Executive Manager Infrastructure& Cloud Services described the situation “we needed to modernize a big chunk of it, but the mixed disk types and lack of deep integration of automation processes made the process difficult and wefeared we wouldn’t be able to see the forrest for the trees, so we decided to reach out to external help”.

“I have met Yves Sandfort during VMworld back in day and had attended one of his break out sessions” he continued “and because both,the of his depth of knowledge as a VCDX and the relative close proximity to our headquarters, we invited him for a workshop”.

The Solution

“comdivision has strong relationships with nearly all market leading vendors in the VMware ecosystem” said Yves Sandfort “because of this background we were asked to perform an independent analysis of their internal needs as well as market offerings.”

“We at comdivision always strive to see what’s the best fit for the customer, even though we have strong VMware ties” Sandfort continued “butbecause of our deep knowledge, we also know where the weaknesses lie.” Sandfort explained “of course, every solution has strength and weaknesses, it’s a matter of matching them to the customer’s needs.“

For the customer this was a new approach to get a 3rd party opinion on internal needs and vendor capabilities, before a final Proof-Of-Concept and evaluation would happen.


comdivision analyzed the needs of this service provider and created an evaluation catalog to validate any new storage platform against.“We validated the selection with the customer and then engaged with the different vendors to reduce the selection down to three options” Sandfort explained “we then held joint meetings with the vendor and the customer andanalysed them to a greater extent.” Based on which only two vendors were invited to a proof of concept before a final decision was made.

“comdivison dramatically reduced the workload on an infrastructure choice from our internal resources” the customer stated “while we could continue to engage with our customers, comdivision took a lot of the load off our backs while providing deeper insights at any point. Even during the PoC they reduced overhead and friction for us.”

Outlook/Future Plans

Based on the experience this service provider plans to engagewith comdivision for more vendor analytics in the future



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