Horizon View / VDI Emergency Deployment

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The worldwide Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) forces more and more companies to ask their workers to work from home – even though they may not even equipped to do that.

WE CAN HELP!  In just 4 days you can have your basic infrastructure up and running for a fix price!

With our Emergency Remote Deployment of the VMware Horizon View virtual desktop environment, we can enable your workers to start being productive again, securely, even on their own personal devices!

Horizon View goes beyond VDI to provide end users with one place to
securely access all their desktops, applications, and online services from any
device, everywhere. With Horizon View, we can offer our customers greater simplicity, security, speed, and scale in delivering on-premises virtual desktops and applications while offering cloud-like economics and elasticity of scale.


This service offering includes the design and integration of an automated desktop delivery consumption model, based on VMware Horizon View. We will enable the customer to provide flexible application provision models for their users as well as elastic sizing of desktops. Horizon View simplifies and eases management and fast deployment of virtual desktops.

No Hardware? No Problem!

Optionally we can run the whole installation in a VMware Cloud on AWS environment, where your VDI workloads can reside – securely connected to your on-premises datacenter. No retraining of your administrators needed!

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