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  1. Vorteile und Herausforderungen von VMware Cloud on AWS (Vorschau)

    Registrieren Sie sich für die komplette Version unserer Videos... In dieser fünfteiligen Video Serie erzählt uns Reinhard Partmann im

  2. Vorteile und Herausforderungen von VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud (Vorschau)

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  3. Integrierte Security der nächsten Generation - VMware CarbonBlack (Vorschau)

    Registrieren Sie sich für die komplette Version unserer Videos... In dieser Video Serie erklären Tobias Paschek und Yves Sandfort warum

  4. Moving our energy demand from consumption into partial production

    comdivision moved already in 2017/2018 to purchase only 100% regenerative / carbon neutral energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We also

  5. Disaster Recovery with VMware Cloud on AWS

    This leading Alternative Investment Fund Management (AIFM) company has a strong policy how to deal with a potential large-scale disaster:

  6. Disaster Recovery mit VMware Cloud on AWS (DE)

    Dieses führende Unternehmen für das Management alternativer Investmentfonds (AIFM) verfolgt eine strenge Politik im Umgang mit einer

  7. comdivision has no room for racism or extremism of any form

    Another non tech article, but my heart and head wanted to get this message out the door! We write the beginning of June and this year

  8. My way to the Certified Kubernetes Administrator achievement…

    Up until mid last year Kubernetes was not high on my radar and to be honest we did not have it as a focus area for the comdivision group.

  9. comdivision and our give back

    It's the time of year where we look back and see what we have achieved. But for us in comdivision it is also the time of year where we

  10. Feedback providers - What I observed and how to improve...

    Over the past couple of years I had to attend several conferences, round tables and advisory sessions. The number is increasing, which

  11. VMware Partner Connect - Ready, set, go - comdivision is now a principal partner

    VMware picked an interesting day to launch its long awaited partner program, Partner Connect, the 29th of February, approx. 1 month after

  12. Remote Work, Home Office in the light of COVID19 or Corona

    First of for now we are more than happy that all of us in comdivision and in our families are safe and accounted for. We hope this

  13. comdivision:vexpert 2020 and the sub programs

    For us in comdivision knowledge sharing is in our genes. Many of us are instructors and teach the majority of VMware products, but we are

  14. Faster Time to Market for one of Europe’s Largest Financial Service Organizations

    The organization operates one of the largest banking datacenters worldwide, distributed across multiple sites throughout Germany. More

  15. NSX and vRealize Automation for Government Datacenter

    A large government datacenter in Europe with 1300 employees prides itself with using the most modern technologies to further improve the

  16. VMworld Session - Introducing VMware Cloud Provider Pod #HYP1499BU

    Designing and deploying a multi-tenant public cloud is no longer complex with VMware Cloud Provider Pod. Learn how you can modernize your

  17. vRealize Network Insight - Active Directory and other configuration

    Watch Yves Sandfort explain how to setup Active Directory authentication and describe some of the other basic settings in vRealize Network

  18. Why you should attend VMware Empower and why I did!

    Today a non-tech blog-post, I wanted to recap and encourage the participation in the VMware Empower conference… Why as a Partner you

  19. Upgrade to vRealize Orchestrator 7.6 (vRO) - Empty workflow output

    Over the past few weeks I had to update quite a few instances of vRealize Orchestrator to version 7.6, where I experienced that upgraded

  20. ESXi host with previous VSAN disks unable to recreate disks or repartition disks

    I came around a problem today where I had several hosts of a previously created VSAN cluster which would be used for a new VSAN cluster.

  21. VMware Cloud on AWS assessment tool

    As you might now comdivision was the 1st in Germany and 2nd in EMEA to gain the VMware Cloud on AWS master services competency (see also:

  22. VMware Photon OS - Cheatsheet

    As I start to use more and more Photon OS for smaller workloads and test scenarios I thought it might be good to collect some quick

  23. VMware Cloud Provider Pod - Release 1.1 (minor or major)

    Today VMware released the first minor release not patch of VMware Cloud Provider Pod. After the initial launch of Version 1.0 in 2018 and

  24. ESXi - AutoInstall - With Kickstart and PXE

    Sometimes vSphere AutoDeploy is not possible, like for an initial deployment or other reasons. In this article I described how to setup a

  25. VMware Cloud Provider Pod 1.0.1 - Release Info

    With VMware Cloud Provider Pod having it's first public appearance during the VMworld Session of Wade Holmes (VMware) and myself