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  1. Awards

    comdivision and it's team is proud about any industry recognition we gained over the last few years. 2020 - VMware - comdivision achieves

  2. You & US

    cd_snom_phone.pngcd_sipgate_phone.png / This page has been deprecated, please go to https://www.comdivision.com/en#you

  3. Refugee Help Suedviertel Muenster 2017-2019

    We support the local refugee help in our very local community which operate several homes for refugees arriving in Muenster. Focus is to

  4. ident.africa e.V. (2010 - today)

    ident.africa was founded on the 22nd July 2004 by Mr. Fred-Eric Essam and his friends, in order to balance the education deficit in

  5. Skate-Aid 2017 - today

    A foundation started byTitus Dittmann https://titus-dittmann.de/ a local entrepreneur who started to bring skateboards into schools and

  6. Social Engagements

    comdivision sees itself as a corporate and social citizen of a global community. As a successful business, we have a responsibility to

  7. When & Why comdivision

    When should you engage with the comdivision group you might ask? We are a group of true experts, based upon a company history of more

  8. comdivision group

    comdivision group was founded in April 1996 by Philip Kriener and Yves Sandfort, initially established by kriener - potthoff

  9. locations

    With our headquarter in Muenster, Germany and offices in Munich, Vienna (Austria), UK and Tampa (Florida, USA) comdivision is always