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  1. NSX and vRealize Automation for Government Datacenter

    A large government datacenter in Europe with 1300 employees prides itself with using the most modern technologies to further improve the

  2. vRealize 8 Automation Deployment

    Deployment of a VMware vRealize 8 Automation environment for the use in a private cloud service of a prescribed design to provide a

  3. vRealize Automation - Installation - HTTP 400 - Bad Request Error

    Watch Matthias Eisner present on a discovered vRealize Automation issue when FQDNs are containing _. This is documented with VMware, but

  4. vRealize Automation - v7 Distributed / HA / Enterprise Install

    comdivision VCDX and CEO Yves Sandfort shows how to setup vRA 7 in a distributed / HA / Enterprise way. Consisting of 2 vRA Appliances, 2

  5. vRealize Automation - v7 - Simple POC / Demo or Lab Install

    Watch comdivision CEO and VCDX-CMA Yves Sandfort on how to run a VMware vRealize Automation 7.0 simple installation which you could use

  6. Management & Automation

    Modern IT environments have become very complex. Through virtualization companies we are able to generate substantial capital expense