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  1. My vExpert path

    Please note: this blog originally appeared on my personal blog: The Bitstream Live https://bitstream.geenrits.net/ Entries have opened

  2. Certifications and Badges

    Have you ever wondered how many certifications the comdivision team has? And who holds which cert? Just click on the link of the

  3. Decryptonited – a story to get from 0 to VDI in 24 hours

    In the middle of the real world COVID-19 crisis a customer got struck by a cyberattack. A crypto malware infected a lot of their systems.

  4. Time-Critical Systems Upgrade for Pharmaceutical Company

    For generations, this pharmaceutical wholesale company aims to combine tradition, competence and quality at the highest level. The

  5. Faster Time to Market for one of Europe’s Largest Financial Service Organizations

    The organization operates one of the largest banking datacenters worldwide, distributed across multiple sites throughout Germany. More

  6. vCloud Director Upgrade and Health Check at Public Sector IT Provider

    This state-run government agency offers IT services to municipalities. For 40 years, this customer provides platforms for finance, human

  7. Lab List

    Besides the ability to provide customized lab, demo and POC environments, we have the following pre-built labs available (this list only

  8. Reibungslose Cloud-Migration durch gute Vorbereitung

    Vermeiden Sie häufige Stolperfallen bei der Anwendungsmigration. Mit der zunehmenden Bereitstellung von Workloads in der Cloud erkennen

  9. Drei zwingende Gründe für die Konsolidierung auf hybride Infrastruktur

    Zeit für ein Infrastruktur-Upgrade? Erleben Sie, wie sich die Modernisierung lohnt. Mit VMware Cloud Foundation ™ können Sie auf alles

  10. NSX and vRealize Automation for Government Datacenter

    A large government datacenter in Europe with 1300 employees prides itself with using the most modern technologies to further improve the

  11. Workspace ONE UEM Health Check at Hospital

    A central hospital with more than 5000 employees had problems with all newly deployed Unified Access Gateway (UAG). comdivision was

  12. VMware Horizon View Upgrade at Housing Association

    This housing association has a rich history of supporting the community since the early nineteen-hundreds. The organization prides itself

  13. VEKA offers staff more flexibility with Workspace ONE

    Please note: this case study originally appeared on VMware's Blog

  14. Case Study - to the Cloud in Two Days

    Manufacturing Customer Migrates Entire Datacenter to the Cloud in Two Days This German manufacturing customer has a long-standing history

  15. Car Manufacturer Monitors their CAD/CAE VDI with VMware vRealize Operations

    (This case study is divided into two parts: the design of the actual VDI infrastructure using VMware Horizon and this part describes the

  16. Workspace ONE Update at an Enterprise Software Vendor

    This large software vendor and consulting company with more than 4,000 employees worldwide manages 25,000 devices. Their customers expect

  17. Car Manufacturer Relies on VMware Horizon for their CAD/CAE VDI

    (This case study is divided into two parts: this part describes the design of the actual VDI infrastructure using VMware Horizon and the

  18. Tennis-Point leverages VMware Horizon for their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Tennis_Point_Logo.png Tennis Point is Europe’s largest online tennis retail store and also operates 13 physical stores in the DACH

  19. Cloud Service Provider Modernizes Infrastructure with VMware Cloud Provider Pod

    managed-hosting-logo.png http://www.managedhosting.de managedhosting.de http://www.managedhosting.de GmbH is a German Cloud Service

  20. Cloud Director Deployment

    Deployment of the base VMware Cloud Director platform. This enables virtual infrastructure resources in multi-tenant cloud environments

  21. Cloud Director Health Check

    Running VMware Cloud Director as a service provider is a key success factor. comdivision's senior architects and consultants have a

  22. Service Provider

    comdivision has strong roots in the service provider industry. We started in 1996 with web services and our own SaaS based offering from

  23. vRealize Operations 8 Deployment

    Deployment of a VMware vRealize Operations Manager environment. The services include the installation, configuration and handover of one

  24. Workspace ONE Deployment

    Deployment of the Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Workspace ONE Access environment. This enables the customer to

  25. vSphere Health Check

    VMware vSphere environments are the foundation for many IT infrastructures. With such a dynamic environment, it can be a challenge for