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  1. Decryptonited – a story to get from 0 to VDI in 24 hours

    In the middle of the real world COVID-19 crisis a customer got struck by a cyberattack. A crypto malware infected a lot of their systems.

  2. Workspace ONE UEM Health Check at Hospital

    A central hospital with more than 5000 employees had problems with all newly deployed Unified Access Gateway (UAG). comdivision was

  3. VMware UAGs and .local DNS unicast resolution

    Last week we had our monthly internal security audit where we found that we should update our internal UAG appliances. During the review

  4. Using #VMware's Unified Access Gateway (UAG) for internal #Horizon 7 connections - Design Discussion

    Over the last months I gathered more and more experience about VMware’s secure Linux appliance that allows secure access to a virtual