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  1. Disaster Recovery mit VMware Cloud on AWS Lightboard

    zusätzliches Material rund um das Thema Hybrid Cloud: Lesen Sie in diesem exklusiven ebook von VMware, wie Sie die 5 größten

  2. Hybrid Cloud - VMware Cloud on AWS

    VMware Cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by AWS and VMware delivering a highly

  3. SDDC

    While the software defined datacenter does not take away the requirement for hardware or physical cabling, it adds an abstraction layer

  4. Hybrid Cloud

    What is "Hybrid Cloud"? Hybrid cloud is defined as the combination of private cloud, public cloud and edge environments unified with

  5. VMware Cloud Foundation

    VMware Cloud Foundation gives every customer the ability to extend proven models of virtualization and management to any environment, to

  6. ebooks - Informationen für Ihre Strategie rund um den digitalen Arbeitsplatz

    Die 5 wichtigsten Herausforderungen an den digitalen Arbeitsplatz Der digitale Arbeitsplatz revolutioniert ganze Branchen, da Unternehmen

  7. ebook - Die 5 größten Herausforderungen bei der Migration von Anwendungen in die Cloud

    Die zunehmende Anzahl globaler Workloads (von derzeit 160 Millionen auf geschätzte 596 Millionen bis 2030) erfordert mehr Agilität und

  8. Network & Security

    Network virtualization (NV) refers to abstracting network resources traditionally delivered in hardware to software. This process is

  9. Service Provider

    comdivision has strong roots in the service provider industry. We started in 1996 with web services and our own SaaS based offering from

  10. Infrastructure Solutions

    Infrastructure virtualization was originally centered around utilizing software and preexisting hardware to emulate other software or

  11. Digital Workspace

    For the past years many companies are facing new challenges in enabeling their users to work more efficiently. New devices like the Apple

  12. Management & Automation

    Modern IT environments have become very complex. Through virtualization companies we are able to generate substantial capital expense