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  1. VMware Cloud Foundation – Einfachheit und Konsistenz mit der Hybrid Cloud von VMware

    AUTOMATISIEREN, OPTIMIEREN, SCHÜTZEN Unser Hybrid Cloud Workshop VMware Cloud Foundation Multi Cloud Workshop Durch die Bereitstellung

  2. VMware Cloud Foundation – Einfachheit und Konsistenz mit der Hybrid Cloud von VMware (Vorschau)

    Registrieren Sie sich für die komplette Version unserer Videos... Denn neben dem Video erhalten Sie nach dem Ausfüllen des Formulares

  3. Disaster Recovery mit VMware Cloud on AWS Lightboard Vorschau

    Ist ihr Offsite Backup jederzeit einfach zugreifbar? Können sie kurzfristig ein Disaster Recovery ihrer On-Prem Umgebung in der Cloud

  4. Basic NSX-T connectivity troubleshooting

    I came across to troubleshoot NSX-T connectivity issues between host transport nodes. My first idea was to check if the NSX-T kernel

  5. First steps vRealize Orchestrator 8.0

    I decided to write an article, because we were discussing a bit on Twitter, about my first steps with vRO 8.0. To get everyone on the

  6. vRO8 - a more in depth view

    Based on my previous article about vRealize Orchestrator 8, I’ve decided to take a more in-depth view into the new HTML5 client, to

  7. Why Matthias Eisner joined the comdivision

    Learn why Matthias Eisner joined the comdivision:team matthias-eisner join comdivision team

  8. comdivision:vexpert 2020 and the sub programs

    For us in comdivision knowledge sharing is in our genes. Many of us are instructors and teach the majority of VMware products, but we are

  9. Matthias Eisner

    Backed up by 20 years of experience in the IT-Industry, not only with comdivision but also with various national and international

  10. How to use the vRealize Orchestrator API Explorer

    It took me a while to figure out, how to use the vRO API explorer creating necessary code for workflows. Now is the time to share the

  11. Automation of NSX with the API using vRO

    This article focuses on the basics of automating NSX via the API and vRealize Orchestrator. Those two are a very powerful combination,

  12. Rabbit MQ routing key configuration

    Two weeks ago, I had a problem connecting VMware vCloud Director to vRealize Orchestrator using Rabbit MQ as a message bus between those

  13. vRealize Automation - Installation - HTTP 400 - Bad Request Error

    Watch Matthias Eisner present on a discovered vRealize Automation issue when FQDNs are containing _. This is documented with VMware, but

  14. NSX 6.3 - Resize NSX conrollers - Lab Only

    Watch Matthias Eisner explain how to customize the NSX controller sizing for a lab environment. VMware KB with further information:

  15. vCloud Director 9.7 vRO plugin configuration

    This article explains how to use the “Add connection” workflow from the vCD 9.7 vRO plugin, because it’s not obvious in first place.

  16. Understanding JSON objects

    I am working as a VCI and teach a lot of trainings with vRO content and often get the question about JSON objects in vRealize

  17. Useful settings Horizon View Client on Mac

    Me writing a blogpost about Horizon View, never thought that this is going to happen, but never say never. Like many others, I migrated

  18. Data objects in vRealize Orchestrator

    This time, I am writing about data objects in vRO, because I got asked how to easily create those and add dynamic values into the

  19. Custom XML objects in vRealize Orchestrator

    Lately I had the issue that I needed to create custom XML objects based on variables. In first place it sounds simple, but in the end,