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  1. Distributors

    This is the Distri Intro Who we support insights distributors

  2. Use Cases

    Use case Intro And long insights use-cases

  3. Customers

    Customer Intro Long insights customers

  4. Camoplast

    Camoplast is using the open source ERP application Compiere based on an Oracle Database, as the setup has aged over time comdivision was

  5. specsavers

    Specsavers is an international company providing a trusted eye care service, affordable glasses and contact lenses to a number of

  6. Veka AG

    A journey towards software defined datacenters... Veka AG produces and distributes uPVC profiles globally with a yearly turnover of more

  7. Tennis Point

    How Tennis Point moved from an all physical to an all virtual datacenter... The company was founded in 1998 as a sport's equipment

  8. DHL-Logistics

    In 2008 comdivision was asked by DHL to analyse and renew there budget / finance controlling system which acts as an interface between

  9. Vendors

    We work with the following vendors sdf asdf asdf insights vendors

  10. Cisco

    Cisco Intro Cisco Long insights vendors ciscso

  11. Authorized Inspector and Engineer Services Vogel

    Managed services and outsourcing provided by comdivision... comdivision is providing full IT service outsourcing services to the office

  12. kriener - potthoff communications

    IT Virtualized Problem kriener - potthoff communications is a communications agency with offices in Muenster (DE) and Allentown (USA),

  13. Microsoft

    insights vendors microsoft

  14. Synology

    Intro to Syno Long one insights vendors synology

  15. VMware

    This is the VMware Intor And the long insights vendors vmware

  16. Nutanix

    Nutanix Intro And long text insights vendors nutanix

  17. Sophos

    Sophos Intro And long insights vendors sophos

  18. Veeam

    Intro to Veeam Veeam insights vendors veeam

  19. Tegile

    Tegile Tegile insights vendors tegile

  20. Insights

    This is the intro to insighta asdf asdf asdf insights