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  1. DCV migration for large employer liability insurance

    Founded in the late eighteen hundreds, this insurance association for transport and traffic merged with the smaller accident insurance

  2. Why Fabian Lenz joined the comdivision

    Learn why Fabian Lenz decided to join the comdivision:team. fabian-lenz comdivision team join

  3. comdivision:vexpert 2020 and the sub programs

    For us in comdivision knowledge sharing is in our genes. Many of us are instructors and teach the majority of VMware products, but we are

  4. Better together: #vSphere 7 and #Horizon 7.12 with #Nvidia vGPUs in high end #vdi environments

    Original Post from vlenzker.net:

  5. Car Manufacturer Relies on VMware Horizon for their CAD/CAE VDI

    (This case study is divided into two parts: this part describes the design of the actual VDI infrastructure using VMware Horizon and the

  6. Cloud Service Provider Modernizes Infrastructure with VMware Cloud Provider Pod

    managed-hosting-logo.png http://www.managedhosting.de managedhosting.de http://www.managedhosting.de GmbH is a German Cloud Service

  7. Reselling Service Provider Offerings with vCloud Director and VxRail

    comdivision was tasked to enable a fast-growing full-service business hosting and data center in Ohio (USA) to resell service provider

  8. Government datacenter runs SAP HANA on vSphere

    A large government datacenter in Europe (client and location are confidential), that supports 28.000 users, needs to continuously

  9. vCenter Server Appliance Migration fails at 50%: shutting down source machine

    I love the vCenter Server Appliance. The migration works pretty well. Still from time to time I stumble across minor problems (which

  10. Lenzker's Why VMworld ? 10 Reasons Why You Should Go

    It’s this time of the year again where a lot of us need to decide. Shall I go to this year’s VMworld? From time to time discussions come

  11. Migration of the #Horizon View Composer to another machine (including a database migration from Oracle / Microsoft)

    Within the vSphere world we have currently one goal regarding our vCenter. Migrate it from a Windows based installation to the vCenter

  12. #VMware #Horizon App Volumes: Hints (for Performance and Packaging)

    Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to spent 4 days on problematic Applications within an App Volumes environment of a customer. The best

  13. Using #VMware's Unified Access Gateway (UAG) for internal #Horizon 7 connections - Design Discussion

    Over the last months I gathered more and more experience about VMware’s secure Linux appliance that allows secure access to a virtual

  14. Fabian Lenz

    Fabian Lenz is known for his practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of virtualization and datacenter technologies. Fabian holds