In 2008 comdivision was asked by DHL to analyse and renew there budget / finance controlling system which acts as an interface between finance and team/subsidary controlling.

The original application was build on Java 1.3 while depending on SAP Netweaver, it basicly was only a continous development on a version build in 2001. Planned was a two stage approach moving it from SAP Netweaver to JBoss/Tomcat while also implementing a standard rules engine for SAP data import. Stage 2 was planned to implement a new security model allowing a more flexible approach and full LDAP/AD integration.

comdivision presented a new concept of bringing in a full 3 layer J2EE model, by implement standards as a clear MVC2 approach using Struts Framework, using also standard DAO objects and bean implementation. In parallel the use of xDoclet for EJB and interface generation was another clear target.

After analysing the risks, current & future status of the application the comdivision team managed the offshore outsourcing team for the application development. The data migration and structure tuning as well as quality control and source code review was done by a team of DHL employees working together with a comdivision J2EE team.

The new version of the application was successfully deployed in time end of 2008.