Camoplast is using the open source ERP application Compiere based on an Oracle Database, as the setup has aged over time comdivision was asked to integrate that application into there VMware Infrastructure. Beside the virtualisation of the Oracle DB one key criteria of the decision towards comdivision was also the performance optimisation for all key processes.

With integration of virtualisation we also implemented a clear "Virtualisation-First-Pollicy" we did an analysis on the daily load on database, application and webservices. Based on the gathered information we defined the sizing for the different virtual machines used during migration. In a first test run the overall migartion process was verified, so that an estimate for the production migration could be defined.

comdivision implemented a set of virtual machines to represent the old physical machines build for the ERP system.

Virtualisation plattform used was VMware vSphere Version 4.1, as guest operating system Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 was choosen. Oracle Database was installed based on comdivision's best practice experience. Migration process was started on a Saturday morning and completed by Sunday morning, allowing one day of test before the normal users would start working again.

Overall we were able to achieve a 30% performance gain while switching to virtual systems, downtime for users was not measurable, as production migration and test was completed during one weekend.